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Even if we all love beautiful gemstone rings and fancy fine gold jewelry, women are wearing all types of jewelry and they are often a key part of an outfit. This is why we started our shop with a line of gold plated necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They are jewelry pieces one can wear without worrying too much but still get a quality design with an effortless style.

Looking for finer jewelry and want to elevate your look? Discover our gold vermeil collection for designs made of sterling silver and gilded with a thick layer of gold. These jewelry creations are hypoallergenic, will last over time and keep their shine longer as they contain more precious metal. We also have a sterling silver collection without the gold layering if you are looking for the unique silver look.

Finally, we are also offering a limited number of fine gold jewelry made of pure gold and quality stones. Those are of course for a larger budget but they will keep their value over time and are what we call forever jewelry. A excellent way to treat yourself or a loved one to wear a fine jewelry piece for a special occasion.